About 3 km long! About 30 curves! Swish at a rapid or easy pace on the toboggan run Pradaschier-Churwalden with over 3,100 meters in length and can caress your ears while less than 10 minutes the wind.
The toboggan pace is determined by brake lever itself. Thanks to the slide guide rails on the track with 31 curves and 480 meters difference in summer and winter is passable.
Curve lying, feel weightlessness and the healthy mountain air and enjoy the view: Definitely fun for the whole family!

Safety regulations

- Minimum size of 125 cm
- From the 9th birthday you may ride alone
- Small children from 3 years may be taken in the company on the toboggan run
- If the sled of two doubly occupied, the rear-seated child must be at least 12 years old
- No adverse health effects that could be a danger to themselves or others
- Stopping on the track is forbidden
- It has a strict belts compulsory
- Follow the instructions of the train personnel

Code of Conduct (pdf)

For safety reasons, the toboggan run is only passable in the dry state.
Thus, it is possible that the toboggan run must be the weather closed temporarily.

The Pradaschier AG owns the security certificate "Safety in adventures", confirming that the company "in Adventures Safety" complies with the safety provisions of the Foundation and places great value on it.


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